AEROPARC is a multipurpose business park located in the Dutch municipality Gilze en Rijen (province of Noord-Brabant). With a variety of organisations from the business, educational and leisure sectors, AEROPARC serves as a catalyst for economic and social activity in the region.

Joining of forces

AEROPARC gives entrepreneurs the space to innovate, meet people and develop themselves while providing ample opportunity for networking and exercise. The business park acts as a binding factor by bringing together professionals from different disciplines, allowing them to maximise their potential. Many organisations from a wide range of industry sectors have already found their way to AEROPARC. AEROPARC is a pulsating environment with opportunities galore!

Favourable location

AEROPARC, formerly known as the Ericsson site, is located in a prime location, right next door to Gilze-Rijen Air Base. Aerospace and maintenance form the foundation of the park, hence the name AEROPARC. Aerospace & Maintenance is one of the social innovation spearheads of the province of Noord-Brabant and the network organisation Midpoint Brabant and is expected to generate both economic and social added value for the region.

AEROPARC is conveniently located on the N282, the provincial road connecting Tilburg and Breda, and is within easy reach of the A27 and A58 motorways, and Gilze-Rijen railway station. The business park at the Ericssonstraat is no less than 130,000 m2 in size and boasts numerous green areas and free parking. AEROPARC forms an important part of the development of the Gilze en Rijen railway area.

Participating organisations

Prominent organisations from a wide range of industry sectors have already established themselves at AEROPARC, including:

  • The Crown Business Center, a central venue for gatherings, networking, business meetings and (flex) working.
  • Gate 2, the Aerospace & Maintenance Cluster for entrepreneurship and education/training in the aerospace and maintenance sector.
  • AIS International, supplier of aircraft interiors and specialist in aircraft interior refurbishment and modification.
  • Ericsson Telecommunications, the Dutch branch of the well-known Swedish technology company that provides and operates telecommunications networks.
  • The Factory Sport & Fun, a multipurpose centre for sport and relaxation.
  • GGz Breburg, mental healthcare institution located in central and west Brabant.

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